The mission of the Department of Educational Leadership is to prepare highly effective professionals to become leaders, scholars, administrators, and teachers in global educational environments. We provide rigorous and responsive educational programs that focus on research, teaching, and service.


The Department of Educational Leadership seeks continual advancement of its prominence in assisting professional educators to provide leadership to educational organizations in teaching, learning, research, and service.


We place high value on nurturing scholarship in the study of educational leadership and educational foundations, and we hold in high esteem diversity, equity, advances in technology, and the mutual support found in collegiality and collaboration. We believe that successful pursuit of higher education requires dedication, discipline, and hard work, and that a person's quality of life is improved immeasurably in such pursuit, not only in the acquisition of knowledge and skill, but in the cultivation of concomitant intellectual and social virtues.


The goals of the Department of Educational Leadership are to

  1. Provide graduate programs of study in which students pursue advanced degrees in P-12 educational leadership, teacher leadership, student affairs and higher education leadership, and community college teaching and leadership.
  2. Immerse graduate students in coursework which provides a foundation for understanding the historical, social, and philosophical contexts of education and methods of conducting research in educational settings.
  3. Provide rigorous, relevant, and empirically supported instruction which engages students in acquiring knowledge and in solving problems critically, analytically, and ethically.
  4. Conduct research that is significant, driven by theory, and methodologically rigorous, in order that students and faculty participate as active consumers and producers of knowledge.
  5. Provide service to our community, our state, and the global community, as well as our department, college, university, and profession.